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2010-08-02 23:16:48 by NubztheSneak

I love you.

A Madness Poem.

2009-09-22 09:38:51 by NubztheSneak

I give it all that I got, man,
Ten thousand people animated,
A King's tribute to the King,
Each year a new one acclimated.
We all sing,
Of blood guts,
And gore glory,
A shot heard in a mad world,
Lives to tell no story.
Some may refuse,
To partake in such behavior,
Though I've never had inept beliefs,
In a killer clown,
Or a savior.
Half Scorpion or not,
We all enjoy with loaded clips,
I will embrace all of my errors,
Let the Madness in,
And then let my mind slip.

This Day...

2009-09-22 07:38:31 by NubztheSneak

Is the only day I post. Imma watch all tributes, and people will feel my voting power. And they will feel the sexual tension in the air, when their Madness flash is too hot, and I have to review it. That is all.


2008-09-10 23:59:25 by NubztheSneak

gotta see if this works...

Gonna send this to people on madness day if I love their submission.


A note to myself.

2007-11-05 17:53:56 by NubztheSneak

They have popular flash artists, but I wonder if they have popular reviewers. I must find out.

It was incredible....

2007-09-23 02:34:48 by NubztheSneak

Madness day is over, even though tributes are still coming in. I was over joyed for 24 straight hours, now it comes to an end. As I am talking to myself, I got the warm and fuzzy feeling from the awesome-ness that is madness.